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We are a purely devotional society dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels, Patroness and Protectress of Los Angeles

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles – the City of Los Angeles – was founded on September 4, 1781 in the name of Our Lady of the Angels, the Blessed Virgin, who had appeared to St. Francis of Assisi over 500 years earlier. On the first birthday of Los Angeles, after the central plaza was dedicated with solemn ceremonies, a mass was said in honor of Our Lady of the Angels, and a grand procession took place invoking Our Lady’s protection, with salvos of musketry, a processional cross, banners, and candlesticks. In this way, the founders of the City and their descendents faced the dangers of the unknown by seeking the aid and protection of Our Lady of the Angels, as the Patroness and Protectress of the infant Pueblo. This carried on for over a century.

In recent times, Los Angeles has faced perhaps even greater challenges than did our forebears – economic, social, cultural, and spiritual. Today, the Queen of Angels Foundation is renewing the ancient call to Our Lady of the Angels, and the Angelic Host for whom she is Queen, for their aid and protection by a) educating and informing the public through this website and other media; b) the personal prayer and devotion of its members; and c) sponsoring an annual Mass, Procession and Feast in honor of Our Lady of the Angels, inspired by those of the past, to celebrate our Pueblo’s birthday, to rally the Family of God around the feet of Our Lady, bringing them home to Mother Church, and to unite Our Lady’s friends of whatever religious background to call for her blessings upon Los Angeles and all the children of Eve everywhere. If you want a better future for the City, State, Nation, and World by invoking the help of the Blessed Virgin, stand with us!

The Los Angeles Queen of Angels Foundation, Inc. is a Catholic Marian Devotional Society and tax exempt California Nonprofit Religious Corporation.


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